1st General Assembly

Here we are!
Yesterday JCI Berlin International was founded!

All the interested members joined the 1st General Assembly yesterday evening to approve the Constitution and to elect the board members.

Thank you to everyone who joined the meeting and congratulations to all the founding members!

Great times ahead to connect, innovate and grow with the internationals to contribute to the city of Berlin.

We are still growing and you are welcome to join us. Please contact our newly elected President Stephanie Bräuer or any other member if you are interested to become a part of this community.

Introducing the board members for 2023:

President: Stephanie Bräuer
Secretary General: Pedro Alfonso Lopez Nuñez
Treasurer: Lara Bolhuis
Deputy President: Clement Doku
Vice President PR: Betigül Onay Özman
Vice President Trainings: Svenja Köppe

Congratulations to all and good luck in leading the #JCIBI #community in 2023!

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