60th Berlin Folk Festival Summer incl. fireworks on 01.07.2023


Anniversary at the Central Festival Square on Kurt-Schumacher-Damm: The Volksfestsommer is taking place for the 60th time! From 21 June to 16 July, fairground fans can look forward to 70 attractions waiting to be tried out with free admission to the fairground! Starting with the longest day of the year, visitors can look forward to a fairground atmosphere every Wednesday to Sunday for four weeks. There are also some highlights this year: with the Heart Breaker, a ride comes to the Central Festival Square that is only found twice in Germany. And the Haunted Mansion is the only floor ghost train in Germany with hanging, rotating, vibrating and tilting gondolas – so you won’t ride on the track, but under it! In addition, visitors can look forward to a spectacular high-altitude fireworks display every Saturday at around 10pm, which lights up the sky above the central fairground in the most colourful of hues!

Berliner Frühlingsfest 2024

from U 7 Jakob-Kaiser-Platz by bus X21, M 21, N 21 Stop: Am Festplatz
from U 6 Kurt-Schumacher-Platz with bus X21, M 21, N 21, 128 Stop: Aristide-Briand-Brücke

Meeting Point: Heart Breaker